Dungeon Master For Hire is a Melbourne-based service for playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition in your own home, game store or venue of your choosing, assisted by a professional Dungeon Master.

Are you someone who has heard about Dungeons & Dragons and want to give it a go, but don’t know where to start? Are you an experienced group of players who want to play together but can’t find someone to run a game for you?

Newcomers… you want to play Dungeons & Dragons once, just to try it out. With Dungeon Master For Hire, you don’t need to invest money in buying books or even learn the rules beforehand, you can just show up and start playing right away! You’ll get an experienced Dungeon Master who can guide you through playing the game and help you have a fun, memorable experience.

Veterans… you know how to play, you just want someone to run a game for you with your friends. Dungeon Master For Hire can run premade adventures or build a custom adventure or campaign, tailoring the adventure style to your groups interests.

For those somewhere in between… if you’re an aspiring Dungeon Master who wants to learn, or if you have an event coming up that needs a bit of extra excitement, Dungeon Master For Hire can help, creating themed adventures to suit your event.


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